By Robert Cronkhite
I had been Born Again in 1972, when my friend Jamie Pearce gave me a Chick Bible Tract,”This Was Your Life! I’m sure he was getting these tracts at Dale West’s “Fishermen’s Supply Christian Bookstore” right here in Johnstown, NY. Jamie and I worked after school together and went to High School together at Fonda-Fultonville Central High School, in Fonda, NY. I was going through anxiety and depression and Jamie had begun to witness to me, as he had just become born again a short time before. He was so full of enthusiasm and the joy of the Lord. I had to have that, and with the powerful message of this Chick Tract, I was ready to pray the sinner’s prayer for my salvation! Chick Tracts and many other tracts are available at Fishermen’s Supply and they are very effective in one’s personal ministry.  In my personal ministry, I use tracts a  lot.  I get my tracts at Fishermen’s Supply, here in Johnstown, NY.  I put an order in, wait for their delivery in a matter of a week or two, and then I pick them up, and am ready to continue my Tract part of my personal ministry!  The selection is fantastic!  Tracts in English and Spanish and tracts that cover subjects that one may find difficult to try to handle in person with someone.  Tracts for believers who may be drifting away from the Lord, to the unsaved in many situations that only a tract can reach and prayer.  Money tracts, witnessing tracts and tracts dealing with the modern problems now occurring in our sad world.  Jesus is ready to use YOU, and the tracts at Dale West’s Fishermen’s Supply.  Most of the tracts he carries are not available anywhere else as I have been up and down the eastern seaboard!  God uses Fishermen’s Supply, and so should YOU!